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  • First working linux version run successful (16/01/2014).

    The first working Linux version run on my ubuntu system successfully with sound.

    A lot of work has to be done to make the Linux version same as the windows one, since some specific windows functions that i was using are different on Linux but i am working on it.

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Older News

  • Added 2 NEW skins designed by Đỗ Duy Bình (04/01/2014).

    I have added 2 new skins by Đỗ Duy Bình.

    This skins has a playlist with big letters that makes song selection easier.

    Click here to go to skins section.

  • Released a NEW skin for Passion Audio Player with the name "New ERA skin" (16/12/2013).

    I am happy to announce the release of the New ERA skin.

    I named it "New ERA skin" because this will be the default skin for the next versions. It's totally developed by me and i hope you like it.

    Click here to go to skins section.